Life is difficult for everyone; everyone has trouble in their life, because it doesn’t matter how rich you are: sickness and trouble and worry and love, these things will mess with you at every level of life…Domhnall Gleeson.  Unfortunately at this time all of us struggle with imperfect health, on a daily basis we can combat one or a combination of physical, mental and emotional sickness/illness.  Our sickness/illness can consume our thoughts.  Often in the midst of our sickness, we realize the frailty and miracle of our human body.  On the other hand, I am discovering everyday the term ‘sickness & health’ take on a whole new perspective when dealing with a love one illness while battling your own.  I have witnessed a dear sister to me fighting breast cancer while at the same time trying to be there for her mom with alzheimer.  Another beautiful sister of mine battling Lupus all the while being an amazing mom and wife.  Yet, in their sickness they’re so  positive and encouraging to me.  Truefully in the midst of dealing with sickness, it’s hard to find a positive spin.  These last two weeks our family have been dealing with the stomach virus.  M came home after school and therapy feeling tired.  He put himself to early bed around six something.  That day M had no meltdown.  However around one something, M came running into our room.  He had a weird look in his eyes.  I knew something was wrong.  Yes before I could get to him, M projectile vomited everywhere.   Needless to say, that was the beginning of a 48 hour sickness for him.  It was hard because M could not tell me which way it was coming.  I probably looked silly running behind him with towels and a bucket everytime he would jump up.  True sleep is vitality to sickness, however, this was hard for M.  Hence, I went two days without sleep.  At some point a migraine crept into my head.  I remembered trying to pray for strength but then a lost of conscious came over me.  I awoke to M laying next to me sound asleep on the couch.  At some point M body was tired too.  In sickness our love and resilience will be tested.  However having someone by our side to ease our sickness maybe cooking, praying, or doing errands for us would bring comfort.  M eventually started feeling better.  However, it has been our turn in dealing with the stomach virus!

Simply an autism mom putting faith in Isaiah 33:24



Mental Health

I see taking care of my emotional and mental health in the same way that I see taking care of a garment; After it’s been through wear and tear, it needs attention…Gina Barreca.  I am learning a massive part of our family autism journey include monitoring, regulating or rejuvenating our mental health.  All of us have major factors or life experiences that contribute to our mental health state.  As a mother and wife to beautiful souls with autism spectrum disorder, I am often reminded our mental health can be fragile.  Our minds and emotions on any given day can shift between highs or lows.  Often we have to take steps to improve our mental health.  This should include fulfilling our spiritual needs along with some form of healthy physical activity.  Yes often times when we feel our mental health slipping, it helps having a true friend or therapist to talk out any complex feelings/thoughts.  I am understanding these steps do aide in our family feeling less anxious about everyday life. Hence, fostering within us a measure of peaceful mental health.  True, I do enjoy meditation, prayer and talking with dear friends while sipping on hazelnut coffee or hot tea.  This past weekend, I had the privilege of spending a few hours with some beautiful ladies at a tea party.  It was refreshing to my mental health.  Later that evening when I got back home, I discovered M in the den singing his favorite spiritual songs.  His humming and sweet voice was beautiful.  I realized that was M way of improving his mental health, maybe creating within him peace.  Honestly, I think we all should be open to conversations and understanding to our dear ones emotions or thinking in these difficult times regardless of their ability.  Afterall, we’re all on the mental health spectrum and need support so as not to become OVERWHELM!

Simply an autism mom rejuvenating M & my mental health