It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time-David Allen Coe.  It is often stated education is the foundation that we should build our future upon. However, I believe general education alone is not enough. Our education should be balance with the fundamental foundation stones of spiritual virtues encompassing faith, love, humility, kindness, and peace. It’s these secure foundation stones that will help us stand firm. Thus building within us amazing character qualities such as honesty, integrity, self-love, respect, loyalty etc.. I found this helpful because sometimes in life we may get bricks thrown at us but having a firm foundation of who we are and what we stand for will enable us to use those bricks as layers in making us hopefully stronger, wiser and a better human being. I was blessed with an amazing and wise grandmother, who only had an elementary school education. My grandmother like my mom had heart. She believed an individual foundation for life must be built starting with the heart. A grateful heart is not only an expression of humility but a foundation for the development of happiness, contentment and love. I honestly believe this is something learned at home. I hope everyone is bless with a solid foundation of family and friends. In truth as parents, we have a great responsibility to instill within our children a strong foundation of values rooted in our Creator. Regardless of our child ability, they’re a gift to us. Yesterday M was under the weather. Despite being ill, M kept saying “thank you” to me every time I would bring him pediatric electrolyte to drink and “no thank” to food. M is teaching me that you can’t build an awesome individual on a weak foundation, he needs a solid foundation of love, kindness, patience and understanding…I see you M!

Simply an autism mom learning



Happiness, true happiness is an inner quality. It is a state of mind. If your mind is at peace, you’re happy. If your mind is at peace, but you have nothing else, you can be happy. If you have everything the world can give – pleasure, possessions, power but lack peace of mind, you can never be happy…Dada Vaswani. I believe true wealth is having a peace of mind. This type of peace is connected to our faith and relationship with our Creator. Money, material possessions, relationships, or fame can come and go but having a lifetime of peace priceless. In truth, we will constantly be bombarded with obstacles that can make everyday living changeling. It is important to find positive ways to keep our peace of mind. I find it helpful remembering to be thankful, grateful, content and not compare myself to others. Yes some days are easier than others, on the hard days I do a whole lot of praying and sipping on some hot tea. I have learned negative emotions, not being forgiving and being judge mental can rob me of peace. Additionally, my peace of mind does not depend on other people changing but rather knowing I did my best to become the best human being possible. I want M to have a peace of mind. In a world where autistic individuals seem not to fit the general norm or expectation, it can be frustrating finding peace. Often times M has to stem to readjust himself. This may take the form of jumping up and down, twirling hands or feet, spinning, rocking or humming etc.. Some individuals not understanding fully M uniqueness sometimes try to stop him from doing stemming or onlookers give the LOOK. The truth of the matter, M has taught me stemming helps him make something or someone who seem upside down or backwards in is mind find a connection with his sensory…that then help his beautiful mind understand/adjust ultimately obtaining…PEACE!

Simply an autism mom learning



A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work…Colin Powell.  We all have dreams, whether it’s about our career or family life. I remember growing up dreaming about being a mom to twenty healthy children. In my dreams of course I had the perfect husband with a simple home surround by a white picked fence. We were not rich but yet all twenty of our children had what they needed and happiness abound. I was the perfect mother who had everything together. Yes, every wonderful dream begins with a dreamer. In truth, in order for a dream come into reality it takes a whole lot of patience, perseverance and faith. M came into my life-like a whirlwind far exceeding my dream. I wasn’t and still not the perfect mom with everything together. The day M was born was not what I had dreamed it to be. I was a nervous wreck. My makeup and hair was a hot mess. Oh why did I dream that labor pain would be no more than a simple burp. The reality was hitting me hard, labor pains HURT! This was not going to be easy. In fact everything went haywire, M and my life was on the line. I remember before losing conciseness was this all just a dream. Upon waking up in the recovery room, I felt like being in a fog dream. I wasn’t sure did I really have M. In those few minutes I was afraid someone would wake me up and tell me M was not real or worse M did not make it. I cried and screamed. However, no one answered my scream. I remember finally closing my eyes and praying “please let M be real and alive”. M was born 7 lbs & 10 inches. He was real and alive. He had to overcome some major health issues after birth but my beautiful dream of being a mom was now a reality. At last I finally was able to hold M, I was no longer dreaming. M is teaching me these truths… a positive attitude along with faith can really make dreams come true…all things are possible for those who believe….I did get my twenty plus 1 children…I became a teacher with 18 to 20 children every year in my classroom…how awesome is our Creator!

Simply an autism mom learning