Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo; what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo break down…Oprah Winfrey. Perhaps, the true  beauty of friendship is to understand and be understood. In my heart the most beautiful friendships are often founded on shared values, beliefs, faith, love, common interests or goals in harmony with our Creator. My father used to say ‘if you’re bless to have at least one good friend you’re rich’. In truth, we’re surround by so many amazing human beings. Finding a friend who allow you to be yourself without judgement yet at the same time honest with you is AWESOME! Honestly, friendship is not always equal in the areas of giving or taking but rather understanding what each other need in that moment of our friendship and resolving to be there for one another. Our friendships should bring out the best in us. Yes, true friendship maybe healing therapy for our souls. I think about my friends who silently sat by me when I was lost for words, held my hands in prayer in my time of grief, or answered their phone at two in the morning when my heart was full of tears. Even when we do not have all the answers or ability to solve everything; we still pray and stand by our friends so they’re not alone.  That is a hallmark of true friends who care. True, every friendship will be different. After all, we’re all unique in our personality. Hence, every friendship we have will have its own dynamics. Sometimes our friendships change over the course of our life. I think that is normal especially if such friendship become unhealthy for us spiritually or mentally. I love when distant and time does not mean the demise of a friendship…natural kindred souls can pick up right where we left off the last time we saw each other. This past week M has hit a milestone. He actually did appropriate play with a fellow peer according to his special education teacher. M uniqueness on the autism spectrum presented some issues with M forming friendship with fellow peers. M is learning how to be a friend by communication and play interaction therapy. M is teaching me these truths… not to take for grant it the value of true friendship…I want M to have a friend that will understand and walk with him not only in the light but in the darkness…so he feel not alone…..having the ultimate friendship with our Creator…priceless!

Simply an autism mom learning


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