Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never ever have enough…Oprah Winfrey. Every year around autumn season many reflect on what they’re thankful for. In truth, everyday we’re bless to rise we should give thanks perhaps for the strength to keep fighting cancer or energy to raise a child with a different ability or a meager meal turn into a feast or place to rest our heads at night or a stranger who now is our family or a love one coming home. Gratitude/thankfulness opens the fullness of life. Our eyes and heart become open to turn what we have into enough and more. In fact feeling gratitude/thankful and not expressing it would be not showing a sense of respect or love toward others. Being thankful is a daily virtue that come natural for some while others strive to cultivate maybe in just saying thank you without expectation of anything in return. Noteworthy, everyone including myself at some point in life get down perhaps even depress. In that moment our inner light fade or blow out. If we’re bless with divine help of someone being sent to rekindle our light, that is beautiful by all means be thankful for that dear soul. Each day we demonstrate gratitude/thankfulness we’re not only being true to ourselves but we’re reflecting hope, kindness, and love to others. Hence, when we appreciate those around us just maybe we will attract others to want to be around us too. I am thankful for all the ups and downs with M that makes my life interesting. Yes, even the negative things in my life I am learning to be thankful because it has made me stronger and a better person. In honesty, I am thankful for autism being a part of M because it has taught me to look for the good in life, humility and true love…even today while helping M over a puddle of water he said “Thank you.” M is a miracle that never stop amazing me and reminding me to be thankful everyday!

Simply an autism mom learning



My favorite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious you create opportunities, and then if you open doors, you create possibilities…Maria Testirio. I often place my forehead against M forehead, for a minute we stare into each others eyes. M has amazing brown eyes, I can see infinite possibilities. “You are loved…I can do anything with divine help…possibilities are mine!” …M echo these words with me. I love when M than lean forward for me to kiss his forehead afterwards. Our goal as parents, regardless if our child is rocking a different ability, is not just about increasing knowledge but to cultivate divine wisdom into our child. This set the foundation to build positive possibilities for our child to be amazing. Of course as parents to a child on the autism spectrum, we sometimes readjust our perspective. This allow us to be open-minded to see new options or new possibilities for our child. If we choose even unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities in our life. I think the trick is allowing possibilities to inspire us, which in turn redirect our energy of frustration into persistence overcoming obstacles. Noteworthy, I am learning too many ‘what if’ statements can sometimes create unnecessary stress or worry impacting our ability to focus and take action on our possibilities. Sometimes as adults we set aside our imagination but its’ our imagination that excites or fuel our possibilities, after all imagination is a divine form of planning. In truth, our hope and faith allow us to dream what some may deem impossible. Hence, we’re transported from present moment into realm of endless possibilities. Yes, as parents we share incredible love for our child and abiding hope in believing society or our community would hold no barriers to our child possibilities…even a child with a different ability. In honesty, I do see possibilities in our M for everything autism has reconnected something of greater worthy has been given. M is teaching me everything is possible with our Creator … we need vision and courage…I see you M!

Simply an autism mom learning


The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate…Oprah Winfrey.  In definition life is summed as the condition that distinguishes something from inorganic matter, hence any matter that has the capacity to grow or reproduce or function or continually change before death it’s consider a life aka alive. In honesty, I see our human life far broader than these terms. Our life should be more than just surviving. We are blessed with the unique ability to have a spiritual connection which in turn allow us to love and be loved. I feel like our life when born is a blank canvas, our everyday life adds hues of color and various lines forming a work of art in which you or others or our creator may behold as beautiful. Noteworthy, each line or strokes of hues can not be erased but they can be enhanced upon or learned from before the next line or stroke is made. I am sure every human life has moments of happiness, tears, love, pain and hope. After all we’re all imperfect, at times we all may fall or get knock down in our life journey. It takes strength and faith to get back up/persistence. There will be storms in our life that we can prepare for and some that will take us by surprise. It’s a blessing to have family to help us weather the storm with patience, love, hope, and perseverance. I realize sometimes it can be a struggle to find the positive in life in the mist of a storm. However when we do take the time to see the beautiful things in our life, it leaves us in awe, hopeful and abound in array of peace. We’re like many families who with unconditional love want the best quality of life for our child with a different ability. As autism parents, we never give up on our child possibilities in life. We celebrate and savor each milestone our child make in life. Today, M actually slept to six a.m. He awoke with a smile and stated “schoo…schoo!” Yes, he actually wanted to go to school. We were so proud of M walking into the school and his classroom without distress/anxiety. In truth I cried because that moment in the mist of everything turn upside down in my life, I am overjoyed to see  M humming and being happy with his life. M is teaching me everyday we should choose life…be happy for every moment we get to give and receive love because the next moment is not promised…so be thankful.

Simply an autism mom learning





If we consider the growth of trees, we can understand the meaning of patience. If we contemplate grass, we can appreciate persistence. Our life consist of obstacles, discouragements, impossibilities, mistakes, and learning. Hence we can choose to learn from these so as to have greater understanding and make any changes in our life for the better. Thus, every frustration or problems encounter we make the choice to be more patient and more persistence. Sometimes negative thinking patterns can undermine our endeavors to be persistent. However, we need positive confidence and faith never to give up on ourselves.  In doing so we will have the persistent effort to do our best possible under any and all circumstances. In truth, success is not the result of perfection but rather imperfect humans being persistent and learning from mistakes or failures. I have observed many parents with children on the autism spectrum displaying two beautiful characteristics; we’re aware of our child ability and we’re persistent. Yes, sometimes it’s not easy to admit we see problems in our child but our unconditional love enable us to be persistent enough to solve or get professional help to address our autistic child needs. In honest, every parent want to be nurturing, patience and persistent in helping their child be amazing. Our patience and persistence with our child help the tiniest ember of hope in their abilities become a blazing bonfire of endless possibilities. Today M had a professional haircut. In general such activity is met with obstacles of resistance by M. The buzzing sound of clippers and crowds is a sensory overload. However, these last few weeks M has been watching a clip on hair cutting as part of his therapy. Thanks to the wonderful ladies at Great Clips, M haircut experience is showing progress. This time M used self comforting words “ok…ok…am ok”… in between a little less screaming and kicking. Our perseverance and persistence yield forth M rocking a handsome haircut. M is teaching us these truths…we as parents cannot choose the day or time when our child make progress it happens in its own time…persistence in what seem hopeless can turn into glorious progress!

Simply an autism mom learning



Soup is a lot like family. Each ingredient enhances the others; each batch has its own characteristic, it need time to simmer to reach full flavor…Marge Kennedy.  In my heart family is a group of people who could be blood related or join together by marriage or dearest friends that stand by you closer than a brother or anyone you share a special connection that make you feel at home. Thus, family is everything because no one gets left behind or forgotten. Every family dynamic is a unique treasure. Often times we do not do realize how much we appreciate our family until we’re dealing with a life-threatening illness like cancer or raising a child on the autism spectrum or just going through changes in our life. Our family keep us grounded and help us not to feel alone in our life journey. Family fill our lives with precious memories. Yes, we can or should be happy being ourselves around our family. These are the ones who know us best and love us despite our flaws. Every family has disagreements at times, after all no one is perfect. In truth even when our family is driving us crazy, we still need our family. They’re a divine blessing to have as a support system, possibly they save us from drowning in despair.  It’s so beautiful when our family is around working together in unity and relying upon each others strength. I am what I am thanks to my mom, my dad, my brothers and my sisters…they believed in me. In turn I want M to know he has a family that loves and believe in him. I want him to feel welcomed and valuable like every member in our family. Today after therapy, M and I spent time together in a quite eatery. We laughed and ate good food. It was relaxing and M personality shined. When we walked out of the eatery, M took my hand and said “love you”.  M is teaching me our family is truly blessed to have him…life goes by really fast…enjoy quality time with family…those moments are priceless.

Simply an autism mom learning