One of the most important gifts a parent can give a child is the gift of accepting that child’s uniqueness…Fred Rogers. In my immediate family I have two older brothers and one younger sister. I truly appreciate my parents understanding and accepting each of us being unique. Looking back, they never compared us to one another nor anyone else but rather encouraged each of us to be ourselves founded in the way of our Creator. I am working on that same parenting style with M. In my heart, I accept with or without autism M is unique. Just like no two snowflakes are exactly alike, no two human beings are exactly alike. Many parents like myself with children rocking the autism spectrum will quickly tell you ‘if you meet one autistic child/adult, you just met one’.  The wide range of autism manifest uniqueness to each individual along with each life experiences, hence shaping my fascinating unique M. Our hearts should strive to be understanding, accepting, kind and compassion towards everyone’s different uniqueness. In truth every one of us is uniquely special. I think sometimes this can give us a sense of loneliness even when surrounded by people, doubting if we can be truly ourselves imperfect yet a beautiful human being. The ability to love our own uniqueness and encouraging others to embrace theirs is an awesome ability. Today on our way home an impatient person driving their car nearly ran our car off the road. M responded “patience….patience!” I responded “Yes M, we need to be patience!” He repeated “PATIENCE!” In his own way M was expressing his concern for our safety. My heart was touched.  M is teaching me to remember it’s OK to be unique…his uniqueness is beautiful…M contribute to our family awesomeness…M brings joy to those who take time to get to know him!

Simply an autism mom learning



Life moves fast, and if we enjoy every moment of everyday, then we will find happiness no matter what happens or what changes along the way…Gretchen Bleiler. Our life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Often times major life changes do not give us advance warning such as a serious illness, sudden job lost or death of a love one. Honestly, none of us are immune to life changes. Our approach to life changes whether for the better or maybe not so good can impact our over all experience with change. Truthfully, our heart may still grieve over a major life change ( especially death of a love one) despite the passage of time. However, focusing on positive thinking hopefully will help us take one day at a time along with seeing others around us with a more empathy, kinder and understanding heart. Especially, if our identity is founded in our Creator who is always there for us. Honestly I find comfort in knowing with constant changes in my life, I can still rest my hope and faith in our never-changing loving Creator. That should give all of us going through so many changes in life a comforting feeling, like a loving parent. This week has seen changes in my life with M. My M started a new school this week that better serve different ability children. In my heart the change was difficult for me to absorb at first. I did cry. As a mom, I want M to have the best opportunities to thrive as a beautiful human being. Each day this week M seem to enjoy going to his new classroom with less anxiety. In fact when I pick him up from school M seem to be happy…humming away in his car seat. He wakes up saying “Schoo…Schoo…Mornin…Mornin!”  Then I say  “Yes M, you have school today. Yes, say good morning to everyone.” The change seems to have a positive influence on M so far. M has taught me these truths…watching him change in his speech, look, attitude, personality as he go from being my baby to my child is full of emotional turns and twists…having faith can help make life changes positively beautiful!

Simply an autism mom learning



Like sunshine, music is a powerful force that can instantly & almost chemically change your entire mood…Michael Franti. Perhaps as far back in our human history, the need to make music has been a dominant aspect of human biology. Music has healing powers. It can help us deal with pent-up frustrations, release sadness, refuge to a weary mind, motivational, and refreshment to our soul. I love the fact music can transport you away from whatever into a moment of melody, harmony, & rhythm creating a feeling of hypnotic peace. In truth music comes in all genres from classical to country along with everything in between. We can’t help but find a song that will wake us up, energize us or calm us down. Music gives us memories. All us have a song or songs that brings forth thoughts full of emotions. For me every time I hear the classic songs like ‘RESPECT’ or ‘STOP In The Name of Love’ or ‘My Girl’,  it takes me back to my momma kitchen. My siblings & I singing together. Although music is often written from one perspective or one objective in mind, it is so universal yet personal. Many people can take a song and feel or see it differently. Music can knock down barriers and open connection to our hearts. This past summer I remember being at a spiritual convention a song was played. I never met the couple next to me before but when that song ‘Preaching to All Sorts of People’ was played we all held hands with M and sung our hearts out. The rhythm of words and melody of musical instruments had even M calm. Yes, music give us great joy deep in our soul. It can can change our mood or day. Music is helping M learn so many things, especially some things he has difficulty expressing. Everyday M loves his Caleb & Sophia series becoming God’s Friend. They play beautiful up building songs for children. M was once non-verbal but of course explosion of language now. Some random and some becoming more purposeful. I love to hear M sing. However, I notice when someone is watching M does not sing. So I have to become a ninja to hear his sweet voice singing spiritual songs along with his program. M is teaching me marching to a different beat or a different drummer is still sweet music…helping him achieve what’s important with music priceless…rocking autism!

Simply an autism mom learning