“In a sane society no woman would be left to struggle on her own with huge transformation that is motherhood, when a single individual finds herself joined by an invisible umbilical cord to another person from whom she will never be separated, even by death” by Germaine Greer. These words are testimony to the state/experience of having or raising a child. In truth nothing can prepare you for a diagnose of your child being autistic even if your gut instinct tell you something is not quite right. As a mother, I experienced heartache over M official medical diagnose. So many questions of why/what if and emotions overcame me. I remember crying into my own mother arms. In her loving wisdom, my mother reminded me M was my blessing  and my loving Creator would not let me struggle on my own. Yes, autism does not mean the end but instead a new outlook of motherhood. Like all mothers you’re overjoyed when your child tell you they love you or call you momma. However, many children like M either start out with language then lose it or start with no language than gain it. In M case there was no language in the beginning. In fact M had early intervention. This helped M gain basic sign language. However, it would be years before M by means of therapy speak. When M first learned the words love you it was random and just words with no emotion/human connection. It was not until one day M took my face into those tiny hands and looked right into my eyes and said “love you.” Tears of joy overcame me. I learned that being M mom take on a different state of experiences in child rearing. Hence, these experiences with M taught me the beauty of courage and strength in motherhood.

Simply an autism mom learning


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