We can feel joy even while having a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad year…Russell M. Nelson. Joy is a feeling we obtain by means of our thinking or action. We can have joy despite our problems. Our life is a series of highs and lows. However, we’re able to keep moving forward finding joy because we have come to an understanding nothing is too great or too small or insignificant for our Creator power to handle or conquer. We encounter joy in various moments in our life such as watching the beauty of humming birds or hearing our child laugh. The most precious forms of joy often comes from things money can not buy. We can not plan joy because many times it actually comes from places we least expect it…like M randomly giving me a hug. In truth our joy can be hindered if we’re always running never stopping to relax or regroup or savoring time with love ones. I see joy in finding time for others. Sometimes in the process of spending time with others we may experience a moment of anguish or we may not receive anything in return. However, we should not let that stop us from showing kindness, love, patience or understanding to others especially love ones. Our joy comes from knowing we did our very best. Also, our being thankful help turn everyday routine into joy. Last night during M bed time routine, M wanted me to sing. Yes, I am no Arthea Franklin or Celine Dion. As a parent, we all know it’s beautiful to awaken within our child the joy of creative expression. Hence, M and I sung our hearts out to ‘Baby Shark…doo doo doo’ pretending the hair brush was our microphone. In honesty I felt joy when M looked at me as if I was awesome, that was priceless for me. The feeling of appreciation & valued by a love one is pure joy. M is teaching me these truths…let go & trust our Creator by doing so releases an inner joy… time spent with love ones bring about JOY….Baby Shark, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo! 

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Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase…Martin Luther King Jr.  Faith is an intimate connection we have with our Creator, believing He actually exist and has personal interest in our well-being. Faith can not be inherited nor can it be bought but rather it’s a virtue that we develop over time base on our own unique life experiences that manifest us to believe.  Our faith requires us to face the unknown while trusting our Creator to know what is best and will give us strength. Prayer is our channel of communication with our Creator. A beautiful gift that we should hold dear. Our faith is the illuminating light in the deepest darkest moments of our life.  Thus, faith can shatter the most mountainous of obstacles.  In truth, just as we put faith in our Creator in turn He put faith in us to seek kindness and goodness in others. Of course, to have faith doesn’t mean we will not get frustrated at times. In honesty its having the right attitude that no matter what happens the final outcome rest with our Creator. Hence, although on paper M may not appear to be typical. We have faith that M possibilities is unlimited and not completely define by autism. Our M is gifted with potential strength and ability to become amazing. Tonight M said “Payer, Payer” aka prayer. He bowed his head. Afterward, he said “men” aka amen.  M is teaching me that one of the most important thing I can share with him is having faith …believing beyond the power of our imperfect reason …to see all things are possible with our Creator.

Simply an autism mom learning



The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his/her future by merely changing their attitude…Oprah Winfrey. Our life is a journey of amazing discovery. There will be moments when we’re standing on a mountaintop feeling like king/queen of the world but there are those moments we tumble-down into deep valley of disparity. In the mist of our life discovery we may uncover new truths about our inner nature. Perhaps in our moment of conquest we discover our ability to be bold or in our moment of defeat we discover humility. In truth in the mist of a mistake we can make a discovery. Maybe you realize sometimes it’s better to take time to see things from another person perspective instead of assuming misconceptions or assumptions. Hence, in the future help you to avoid unnecessary conflict or stress. The beauty of discovery is that it does not have to be finding something new but rather we start to understand or comprehend what we see differently then what others previously have seen. Thus, discovery is about our thinking and attitude. If our heart and mind is open, we will discover beauty in every human being regardless of their different ability. I think a part of love is the discovery of ourselves in others. The discovery of what we’re or cable of becoming is an amazing process in which we hope encompass love, kindness, happiness and peace. In fact our discovery of our self should help us to see we do not have to fit the mold of what people think we should become. Rather we should take ques from our Creator. Hence, in doing so we save ourselves a lot of headaches/heartaches. This discovery is golden. One of my most amazing discovery was becoming a mom. Children have a natural sense of wonder, we as adults sometimes lose our sense of wonder. Sometimes we become so accustomed to standard norms, we lose focus on a child’s beautiful joy of discovery especially with children on the autism spectrum. M is constantly discovering his abilities with wonderful support from his autism community. Last night M discovered a peek-a-boo story book. He repeated the words and laughed each time the flap was pulled to reveal an animal. His favorite one was the frog. He kept saying “GAIN, GAIN!” aka again. M is teaching me these truths… that discovery is an innate part of being human, it’s OK to be a work in progress as long as we keep trying to figure it out, and that our thinking or outlook influence our discovery in life!

Simply an autism mom learning


Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself…Plato. I believe the true sign of intelligence begin with understanding and accepting our Creator thinking or wisdom. It is our thinking that impact our heart and our action. We’re all created in the Divine image, thus we all have the beautiful ability to think verses been driven by instinct. We have to be careful each day not to let the thinking or opinions of others drown out our inner thinking which should be harmony with our Creator. If we do this, our thinking process would be governed by kindness, love, understanding, patience, thankfulness, happiness, and compassion. In truth these virtues create positive thinking in using our abilities to inspire creativity and motivation in everything we do. Not only that, our thinking process should take into consideration not everyone think or process alike. In fact we have the ability to change at any given point our thinking. Often times this can be a tug of war within our mind, questioning ourselves. Perhaps this is a way to keep us humbled. We should never underestimate our way of thinking about problems, life or the world. In honesty our sense of self-worth in tied up in our thinking…such as memories or expectations are always running through our subconscious like a broken record connecting with our emotions. As a mom of a child on the autism spectrum, I often readjust my thinking as to what is M weaknesses or strengths. I fight hard in my thinking not to be critical of M or myself along with not comparing M or myself to others. I am aware that my thinking affects M. Everyday I tell M “I see you”…repeat “I am smart”. I want M subconscious thinking consist of positive reinforcements of perseverance, creativity, health curiosity, kindness, and love. Unfortunately, no standardized test reflect such progress. M is teaching me the beauty of autism is all about thinking process…if M look confused he really is thinking or processing something or someone…it’s OK thinking process has stemming associate with it….such thinking process has real emotions attach to it and need to be completely process in order for M to have a peaceful mind to move on.

Simply an autism mom learning


Never be elated when someone’s oppressed, never dejected when another one’s blessed…Alexander PopeOften we’re reminded to count our blessings along with being thankful. Our life consist of moments of sadness or sometimes long patches of struggles. In the mist of all this hopefully we’re blessed with moments of peace and happiness.  In turn we will be thankful and cherish the little things in life-like reading a bedtime story to our child or deep hug from our mom. At the end and beginning of our day, our life should be about love and being thankful for any blessing bestowed upon us by our Creator. If we have a support system that shelter us not only in the good times but also in rough times, we’re truly blessed. In my heart we all need to look in the mirror on a daily basis to remind ourselves how blessed we’re…perhaps to have someone hold our hand when we’re afraid or someone who blessed us with a kind word of encouragement or our child kissing us goodnight. In truth we should also see how beautiful we’re not just physical but also our inner person of the heart. We’re blessed with so many possibilities or experiences in life-like being able to travel all over the world or being able sing beautiful. It’s a blessing to meet individuals who inspire us to become our best even in the mist of difficult times. I believe everyone is blessed to be amazing in their own way. I was blessed with wonderful parents. I am a reflection of both. My family tells me I am blessed with my mom smile and her southern hospitality, I am hoping for her big heart. This evening I played a DVD that was made by a dear friend of my mom after her passing. Yes, I cried. M came and sat next to me. I wanted M to see how blessed we were to have such a beautiful woman touched us with love. M laid his head against my arm and out the blue he said “doo…de”. He had remembered his Nanna nick name for him. M has taught me the importance of being blessed with family and dear friends who love us flaws and all.

Simply an autism mom learning