Most of the time the word infectious is use to convey a disease or a disease-causing organism. However, this same word could imply the ability to influence others in a rapid manner. Often we underestimate the power of a smile or the smallest act of caring. In fact most smiles are started by another smile creating a contagious affect. This act of smiling can have the potential to turn someone day around. For M a smile is like free therapy and a universal welcome. There used to be a young lady that worked in the education office with me. She had a smile that lighted the whole office reflecting to others that there was a caring person inside. Whenever M would visit the office she would smile and say “HEY!” Hence, her smile gave a positive countenance making M feel comfortable. Overtime, M started smiling and saying “HEEEEEEY” not only to her but to anyone coming into the office. Yes, she had infected M.  Few things in the world are more infectious/powerful than a smile. M felt confident in being self around her. Thus, M became sociable. Noteworthy when she left to go be with her beloved overseas, M kept looking for her in the office saying “Heeeeeey.” In time others now affected by Ms’ smile started smiling and saying “Hey” back to M. The young lady may never know all the good that her beautiful simple smile had on others, especially M. This experience with M taught me a smile can be the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.

Simply an autism mom learning


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