We’re gifted with the ability to see in color. In nature, light creates the color and the movement of colors. Hence, it can be said that colors are the smiles of nature. In fact, color has the great advantage of making things more energetic. My mother always loved yellow because to her its energy illuminate optimistic and happiness. In her passing, I too find myself seduce by yellow. Yes, many people do have color preferences for various reasons. The vast colors of the world was intended to give us great pleasure in life.  However, for M this could feel as if the world was whirling around with too many hues of color causing the colors to blur. Thus, making processing difficult. This could have been a major factor inhibiting M from choosing a color preference. In fact, each week M could pick different color leg castings. However, during these times M has never indicated a particular color preference until today. M said the word “oange” aka ‘orange.’ I asked M again just to be sure I heard correctly. M loudly proclaimed “oange.” We had been working on color words for a while.  In that moment perhaps M amazing mind processed the color orange to feeling good or warmth of love. As crazy as it sound, I did a happy dance. I was proud of M making a color choice. True there is a single color that hold the meaning of life, it’s the color of love. However, M taught me being different is what gives the world color…M will be rocking the orange leg casts.

Simply an autism mom learning



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