Life is full of making human and mental connections. We learn from every one of these connections. The learning from those connections is what will help illuminate our world to endless wonder. In fact even a brief connection with a person, thing or idea can change the way a person think about themselves. The beauty of M ability is the way M process the world and learn to connect with it. Thus, what looks simple to others can be a milestone to M. I remember when my father used to pick M up from pre-school everyday. He would take M across a huge bridge to go home. Everyday as they passed over the bridge my father would say “M water…look M water.” Some days had pass before M finally pointed and repeated “waer” aka ‘water’ as they crossed the bridge to go home. M had made a connection not only with my father but with the water under the bridge. Noteworthy, my father called me at work happy that M said water. My father experience¬†with M taught me that life is about making connections and learning; waiting and growing; practicing patience and being persistent. Additionally, M taught me to cherish our human connections because that can make life worth living.

Simply an autism mom learning