Many of us need to withdraw to a quiet or secluded place in which to rest, relax or meditate. Often times if a retreat is part of our home, we name these designated areas/spaces as man cave or she space. Some may enjoy listening to music, reading a good book or watching television while sipping on tea/coffee or whatever ease the soul. The overall purpose of retreating from the world is to recharge our emotions and thinking. Hence just like adults, children especially those with sensory issues need their own space to retreat. However, in social settings finding a private space can be difficult. Often times M awake before the crack of dawn maybe due to a bad dream or undue anxieties. One particular morning M aroused hysterically crying. We immediately went to M room. M kept repeating the word den. Normally, the special area would be a cozy tent in M room. It contain books, a basket of sensory strings, a cozy blanket, small soft pillows and a weighted animal However, M wanted to retreat into the den. Once in the den M snuggled onto the sofa with sensory strings. At first I thought we needed to stay, however it seemed to aggravate M. Of course as parents, we kept an eye on our child while giving some space. I was pleased M was trying to regulate emotions in a positive way.  After awhile, I heard humming coming from the den. I  looked in and was greeted with a smile and “heeey” from M. Yes, M has taught me everyone need alone time and sometimes breaking from the normal retreat area is A ok  as long as it help you to regroup so as to feel like yourself again…even if its three in the morning.

Simply an autism mom learning



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