Many of us have asked our Creator to bestow upon us confidence as we strive to achieve a worthy goal. Our reasoning for this request could be deep down we believe we’re gifted for something. This feeling of self-assured does not happen overnight. In fact it takes discipline, training and time to build up confidence. True some people naturally wear confidence like a beautiful garment. However, believing in yourself should be tailored with reasonableness and humility. In fact, confidence comes with maturity being more accepting of oneself. M gain strength, courage and confidence by everyday experiences. Generally, M need assistance going up and down stairs. This has been the norm for years given M wear leg braces. However as of late, M has been really trying to face the fear of stairs. In honesty, I am terrified of M being anywhere near stairs. Today of all days it was rainy, M was determined to walk down the stairs without assistance. Every attempt I made to help was met with “no thank”. M was putting two-word sentence to good use now. I realized I needed to support M differently. I swallowed my momma fear. I reminded M to hold onto to the rails and take one step at a time slowly. Of course, I was right beside M going down each step just in case. Interestingly, M started counting out loud each step going down. M yelled “10…..did it!” on the last step. M had the biggest smile. My heart did a double flip. I cheered “GOOD JOB M!” In that moment M taught me as long as M keep going, M will keep getting better and gaining more confidence. That alone is success!

Simply an autism mom learning


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