I know all of us have much to do. In fact, I think at some point every human being struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by life stresses. The idea of complete defeat or drowning by the tasks we face is daunting. I realized trying to be the perfect mom for M was unrealistic. The truth was just being a mom to an autistic child can feel overwhelming at times. I found faith has been incredibly important when I become overwhelmed with everything going on in my life. In honesty there have been many days when the waves of tears has overcome me. I felt myself drowning. In those moments given everything on my plate as tears roll down my face, I scream internally for my Creator to please help me…for I am overwhelmed! Believing has given me waves of peace by finding the stolen moments of joy with M. Yesterday, was a long difficult day.  Last night as I sat on the sofa, I started crying. M was having a meltdown contributed by no nap and long day at the hospital. In the mist of my crying and M meltdown, I started singing twinkle little star. After a few minutes, M joined me in singing. I took M in my arms and gave a deep pressure hug. I knew this would ease tension for M but in turn it helped me. We both needed each other comfort. In that moment M said “love you”. Yes, being M mom has helped me to be tougher, there’s been a lot of hardship along the way. I accepted that to be part of my life. Hence, M has taught me having tenacity does not mean avoiding being overwhelmed but being steadfast in the face of the overwhelming odds.

Simply an autism mom learning


2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Beautiful post. Music can be so healing as well as a great teacher for the child and adult. As a parent, we’ve all had those days when we’ve had it. Kudos to you that you turned to your faith in God, and love for your child and stayed in the moment. God Bless!

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