I think being called mom is a great blessing and privilege. Everyday you are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of your family. Whether awake at two in the morning nursing a baby/sick child or preparing meals. Moms continuously put others before themselves. Thus, being a mom is not only the greatest but is the hardest thing. However, the best part of being a mom is getting love from your child. I think a child’s love is pure. It makes you feel wonderful to be a mom no matter what. We’re our child support system. We always think twice, once for ourselves and once for our child. True, we’re not perfect. However, its imperfections that equal uniqueness and beauty of every mom. Of course, every mom perhaps can recall the first time their child called them mom. In my case it finally happened today. Today, M was able to get leg casts removed and replaced with stronger leg braces. In celebration of this progress, we took M out to eat. Of course, we had chosen an area of the eatery less crowed and noisy. After finishing our meal, we headed back to the car. As I was placing items in the backseat of the car, M said something. At first, I was unclear as to what M said. Thankfully, M repeated it over and over again. M said “momma.” M actually looked at me and called me ‘momma.’ I knew all these years M was aware that I was someone. Now, M has connected me to being momma. Later when I kissed M goodnight, M called me momma again with a smile. Today, I finally felt that awesomeness of being called momma. M taught me being called mom is priceless and a joyous sound!

Simply an autism mom learning


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