If mornings aren’t your thing right now, try making yourself do a happy dance after you get out of bed.  It helps me…Victoria Arlen.  Today, I awoke to M staring at me.  “Good morning M”, I said.  “Cup please”, M responded.  Yes, M did not echo morning back. Instead, he went right to stating what he needed using good manners.  M is progressing in clearly expressing himself.  “Good morning”, I repeated. “Morning”, M finally said.  I must confess waking up at 3am was not my idea morning ritual.  However, with M it’s a luxury if our mornings start around 5am.  I do count my blessings on M early morning rising in a happy/calm mood.  Truefully some early morning rising with M takes a whole lot of prayer and coffee, we can be up anywhere around 1am or 2am.  In which case, M having difficulty resting his beautiful mind.  “Sofia, Sofia please”, M often repeat in those early morning hours.  M find peace and comfort watching ‘Caleb & Sofia Become Jehovah Friend’ series (www.jw.org).  Every morning M has to watch this program to start his day.  Even when I am rushing in the morning, M still need to watch at least one episode of the ‘Become Jehovah Friend’ series whether it’s the music part or lesson part. Of course, I eventually downloaded the videos to the ipad and my phone so ‘Caleb & Sofia’ can go everywhere with M.  Honestly, I wake up most mornings still tired.  Yes some mornings, I just don’t want to get out the bed.  Prayer and my coffee helps me get up even in the early mornings with being optimistic about my day.  It’s a beautiful gift to see M waking up in the morning, wide eyed and ready to be amazing!

Simply an autism mom drinking coffee and enjoying the morning



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