Our mind was created with the ability to be resourceful. In fact this creative power is a wonderful blessing to help many of us have new ideas or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. However, this same ability can be difficult to master for children like M. True, no two children with autism are alike. However, like M many do demonstrate a literal-minded outlook. Hence, M take words  in the usual basic sense without metaphor or allegory. Thus, I found it very important to make sure when communicating with M to be plain or exact. Also, this can be true with objects being seen as basic sense value. It is because of this outlook or literal-mind process that like M many children benefit from play therapy. This help M grasp the concept of pretend play or interaction play with peers. One day I over heard M repeating the phrase “hellooo”. At first I assumed M wanted something. However, as I came into M room a surprised awaited. M was sitting on the floor holding a plastic block in hand.  M kept poking the object with one finger. Afterward, M would hold block to ear and repeat “hellooo”. In that moment I realized M was not calling me for something but rather pretending to be calling on a telephone. M had finally tapped into the power of imagination. That day M taught me that all the years of therapy was worth unlocking M imagination.

Simply an autism mom learning

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