The word understand carries a simple meaning of perceive the intend of something or infer something from information received. However, this word take on a whole new depth by adding the three little letters ‘ing’ to the end. Now the word becomes not only a noun but an adjective upholding so many wonderful synonyms. This ‘ing’ word brings sensitive, considerate, tender, kind, patient, and having insight just to mentioned a few. So many times M has to visit medical facilities for various procedures. These times can be very unsettling for M. As M mother it can be extremely challenging when some procedures may be painful to M such as being stick by needles. My heart hurt seeing tears falling from M. Many parents with children like M go through countless moments like this and the pain they feel is real. It’s important during this time that both child and parent have understanding caregivers. For example, M needed to have a procedure that required using scissors and a special saw. The medical team remembered from previous visit M sensitivity to buzzing sounds and extreme meltdown to unusual fear of steal shiny scissors. The team displayed amazing understanding of M by making special accommodations. That led to effectively causing the procedure to be mildly stressful for M. Hence, this experience would help M feel less anxiety next visit with the medical team. M experienced on that medical visit taught me the value of understanding. For M being surrounded by people who were sympathetically aware of  other people’s feeling was invaluable.

Simply an autism mom learning


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