I supposed our human nature compel us to want to give the best to our children. Sometimes it can be financially expensive to provide all the things you want to give to your child. For many parents who have children like M the extra numerical cost for basic needs often surpass wants. However just like many parents of children like M, when you notice a beautiful talent your child posses money becomes obsolete. One day I noticed M  knocking on various objects. M would turn head side ways to listen to the different sounds each knock made. In the process M would be humming, flapping one hand and bouncing on the tip of toes. M did this interesting behavior for a couple of days. I begun to wonder was M listening to the rhythm sounds of objects. Yes, an idea came to me that perhaps M would love a musical drum set or even keyboard. I imaged all the beautiful musical sounds M could produce on such instruments. I was so excited for the musical instrument purchase for M that I thought wrapping it in beautiful blue wrapping paper would be awesome. I admit adding the big bow on top may have been over kill. I placed the gift in M room for M to discover enhancing the excitement. True, parents love to see their children overjoyed when being presented with a gift. We play over in our mind their reaction or response. However, on that day no matter how hard I tried M would not come into the room. Instead, M had discovered by knocking on wooden doors and metal doors the most amazing sound effects. In fact, M had so much enjoyment/excitement running all around the house knocking on the doors. In that moment M thought me that joy/happiness or excitement can come from the simplest thing. Sometimes we already have what was needed like for M wooden/metal doors and pots/pans to make beautiful musical sounds. Interestingly, M finally did notice the gift…three days later.

Simply an autism mom learning


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