Today was a big day. We had awaken before dawn. This was not going to be a typical morning routine for M. I had prepared myself ahead of time for this day. I even explained to M everyday as best as I could before this day arrived. I am sure like most parents preparation is important when a major event is about to happen for your child. However as M mom, I wondered did I do enough for M to understand. I rushed through the house trying to beat the clock “I 10 by 10” as the expression goes. Interestingly, M just hummed along as if whatever not worrying about time. In fact after I finishing dressing myself, I focused attention on getting M ready. M had made way to our bedroom and was intently observing the new bed spread on our bed. I repeatedly called for M to focus on getting dress. However, M kept intensely staring at the bed spread all the while humming and twirling hands. Yes, I was in a rush but the more I tried to force M to get dress while in this mode the more frustrating M became. In that moment, I realized M was stemming. I noticed how M was rocking back/forth, humming, turning head sideways, and twirling hands. It dawn on me that although the paisley multi colored spread appeared pretty to my eyes, that perhaps to M it had a whole lot of synodic patterns and colors to process. M could not move on until this new bed spread had been processed. Granted it took M about another ten to fifteen minutes to complete this process. Afterwards, M peacefully got dressed. True we ran a few minutes late to M hospital appointment. However, M taught me that it’s important to slow down and see things from another person perspective by doing so you can avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Simply a autistic mom learning


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