Often times we as adults become so busy with life in general that we forget sometimes to pay attention to the smallest things in life. In the first two weeks of school M struggled with the new  upside down world of a new school. True, M did received a private tour of the school. However, for M it was so confusing now filled with strange, loud, and unusually sounds. The lights seem brighter or perhaps flashing too much for the eyes to behold. Whats that smell or where all these people who are my size coming from such questions bouncing off in Ms’ brain. Not to mention many different adult voices and faces to process. M was experiencing sensory overload. In this state M mind divided into fight or flight mode. As M mom, I prayed each day for those at the school responsible for M care to have patience with my confused M. I know that education primarily focus on academics. Hence, children like M can become lost in this maze. However, all is not lost. Each day when M comes and leaves school, many classmates along with other children in the school welcomes and say good-bye to M. This has impacted M world so much that now M put forth great effort to say “heeeey” and “byeeeee”. Two beautiful words to M vocabulary. This thaught me that M is aware of peers because of their compassion to understand or accept M. A beautiful thing when compasion can bring a moutain down to a peeple not only for children like M but for all human being.

Simply a autism mom learning


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