In harmony with back to school shopping, many parents/grandparents enjoyed the tax-free weekend and back to school sales. It’s awesome when parents can save money especially on clothes or shoes for their children. However, parents like myself who have a child with special needs have a different method to shopping. True, M does not care about the latest fashion nor name brand labels. In fact, if it was up to M a simple tee undershirt and skippers would be norm to rock. However after driving all over town one weekend to find some shoes for M, I felt defeated. Although M did not care about color or brand of the shoes, M did care about the comfort/fit. Yes, M did not have to say a word but the expression and behavior testified to frustration in finding shoes to fit UFO/leg braces. Finally in the last store I ran into another parent in the same boat at that point I thought to myself why children like M do not have the easy luxury of variety of shoe options. That night as I tucked M little feet back under the covers, I realized it was completely understandable why M had meltdowns that day. That day M taught me many people have so many shoe options to purchase but for children like M just to find one pair of shoes to fit can often times be like finding a needle in a haystack. In my research online that night, I was so disappointed  that so many major shoe companies never consider designing shoes for children like my M to rock. Even my M can testify to deserving of options.

Simply an autism mom learning


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