In life sometimes expectations can be overwhelming or easily attainable. As M mom, I often shed many tears of frustration, joy, and heartbreak. I recall a school meeting some individuals felt M could not thrive in a typical classroom or gain no benefit from being among so-called normal peers. Often times people say things that feel like knives being stab in your heart. As I sat there in that meeting, my heart-felt like it was going to stop. My mind begins to wonder on images of M. For a moment their words faded from my ears. As the tears rolled down my face, I could vividly hear M say “love you”. In that moment, I realized doctors nor administrative know everything. After all, M was now communicating limited one too two words when before there were none. Somehow in the mist of everyone I stood up for M. Yes M see the world differently, but nobody will put M in the corner nor will they dismiss the possibilities M possesses. That evening M came and sat next to me on the sofa. M reached over and took my hand to hold. M never said a word nor looked into my eyes. However as I watched him humming next to me, I started to cry. In this rare moment, I felt like M sensed I needed to be comforted. That day M taught me that progress no matter how minor it maybe to outside world for children like M it’s still progress worth standing up and celebrating.

Simply an autism mom learning


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