I’m going to be a strict mom.  I know that love is the most important thing-you’ve got to have lots of kisses and cuddles-but you also need to mix it with discipline or you’ll be in a heap of trouble…Jill Scott.  Perhaps every mom worry about protecting their child from the ugliness of the world, all the while embracing the beauty of the world.  One of the beautiful thing of being M’s mom is the sweet kisses and cuddles.  M is in the phase of wanting kisses on the forehead every night before bed, to & from school, and every opportunity in between.  I think kisses are beautiful and sweet messages of love.  On the other hand, I am aware teaching M what’s appropriate behavior and not is crucial.   Maybe every mom dread the time when their child no longer want kisses or cuddles.  I can remember the time my older brothers had a respectful conversation with our mom about no more nicknames or kisses especially in front of their peers.   Our mom smiled and said “OK”.  Looking back I wonder did her heart skip a beat of being proud they were growing up, yet saddened by the fact they no longer wanted kisses.   Often it’s not until we become grown, our mother’s kisses and hugs become so precious.  I do so miss our momma hugs and kisses.  As I am writing our story, M has requested several “kiss, kiss” on his forehead.  I am learning with M kisses are always new and ever the sweetest.

Simply an autism mom cherishing sweet kisses



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