Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead.  Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.  Just walk beside me and be my friend…Unknown.   I remember finally walking out of the hospital with M thinking ‘how are we going to take care of him, we don’t know nothing about raising a baby.’  Yes, we were amature parents taking our first walk with M.  My mom showed me how beautiful a walk can be.  She used to take my siblings and I on many walks in our neighborhood.   In those walks we learned about ourselves, each other, and the beautiful things by our Creator Jehovah.  (Deuteronomy 11:19)  Maybe, the most impressive walk we could have is with our child.  Perhaps we all want someone to walk with us in life, reflecting on yesterdays and future possibilities.  Thus in every walk we get more out of it than we expect, hopefully faith in love and kindness.  Honestly it can be difficult for someone to relate to what you’re going through, until they actually take time and walk with you.  Honestly to walk with M takes loving purposeful steps, hopeful easing his struggle to walk into a crowded space with peace.  A few weeks ago we attended an one day convention with over a thousand in attendance.  M often get stress out initially walking into a crowded area.  Hence, we generally ease M into such spaces using a special need stroller designed just for him.  We were so thankful for the attendants that helped us find a space in the back away from the crowd and close to the first aid department.  He did so well for about an hour before he become overwhelmed with everything.  He began to scream and cry while trying to get out the stroller.  It was time for a sensory break walk.  It’s so true that when feeling frustrated or overwhelm in a situation walking away can do wonders for the soul.  That was M only major meltdown at the convention.  I was so proud of M using the action word “Walk, walk” each time he felt overwhelm.  Thus, each time we extended our hand and said “Walk with me, M.”   I do understand that some walks we just need time to ourselves.  However, I don’t want M to feel isolated or alone in his walk through this world.

Simply an autism mom walking with M


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