We all want our children to be the best they can be; and one of the blessings of having a child with autism is that you notice every little achievement, and it becomes cause for celebration…Didi Conn.  Everybody has their perspective of what is considered a normal life.  Maybe that is why painting a picture of a normal life can be hard.  However, my faith led me into believing our normal life should consist of love and kindness.  Honestly maybe my normal life is forty percent like other moms just trying to do what best for our family.   On the other hand, the remaining sixty percent encompass navigating autism with my family.  We often make adjustments in our family life.  We’re not afraid of leaving the house with M, however we do try to plan or be prepared for situations that may arise with M maybe a little more than other families.  We wanted to take M out to eat this weekend.  Experiences has taught us to be understanding of M’s sensory issues to sounds, crowds and textures.  Hence, we asked for a table booth for three in the back of the eatery away from the front door.  We had chose a time of day when it would be less crowded and M did not have anything else major or over stimulating that day.  As we walked to the back of the eatery, M kept his eyes covered with one hand and other hand over one ear.  Interesting, he managed to still hold onto his two straws.  We placed M in the booth where he could not see behind us or other people eating.  Of course we made sure my phone and his leapfrog was charged.  I was so proud of M sitting there calmly.  We placed our order while he hummed and tapped his straws on the leapfrog.  We ordered chicken nuggets and fries for M.  Truefully, we never get to order off the kids menu for M normally because of his very sensitivity to food textures.  Yes, we made sure to have carry out containers and bag ready just in case M started to become overwhelm.  We have learned to be flexible in knowing when it’s time to just go home.  We were so overjoyed that M not only stayed calm but actually ate six chicken nuggets.  His little hands just twirled each time he dip his chicken nugget in honey mustard sauce.  Now he never did let go of his two straws while eating, however he did not care for these particular fries.  Oh, the smile and happy sounds M was making made our day be something extranary.  “Go go, Go go” M finally said after about thirty minutes.  We knew our time was up,  we packed up our remaining food.  As we left the eatery, M said “Love you”.  In truth we’re bless to celebrate these normal life moments with M!

Simply an autism mom sharing a table for three



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