Grief is painful. However, if it’s transform into remembrance, then you’re magnifying the person lost and giving something of that person to others, so they can experience something of that person. When I think of my mom it brings back  memorable moments cooking together, laughing together, dancing together and tears of sorrow/ joy together. Sharing my unforgettable memories of my mom with M may inspire hope and create a bridge to the future. She had a special connection with M. Their close bond started on the day M was born. As M grew, my mom had a way of communicating with M that transcended words. One of the most beautiful thing about my mom was that she could see M true colors shining. I remember the countless doctor appointments with M how my mom was right there. After each visit she would get M to look into her brown eyes and state “You’re smart and you can do anything you set your mind to do, never forget that.”  M face would light-up when ever my mom was around. It was because of my mom love that M finally started eating some types of food. Although my mom died one month before M received the official diagnose of autism, she had loved M unconditionally. In honest, I worried would M remember the countless moments of love, time, understanding and compassion my mom bestowed on us. A few weeks ago while in the den, M glanced up to look at some pictures I had on the wall. M pointed and said “Nanna.” In that moment I cried. M taught me memories of my mom life, love and compassion will continue…in M.

Simply an autism mom learning


2 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. Love that picture of mom and drawing of M. She was always there for M. G & M stayed with there Nana countless times. Mom would say give me your eyes and they would just look at her and smile!!!! So missed!!!!


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