Happiness is a beautiful butterfly. If we chase, it seem to always be outside our reach. However if we just stop and sit down in peace, just maybe it will alight upon us in beautiful glory. Our life encompass happiness and tears. In fact everyone is entitled to pursue happiness. However how an individual endeavor to achieve happiness is crucial because it doesn’t depend on any external conditions. It is governed by our mental attitude. Everyday each of us face negative situations that can create emotions within us to jeopardize our happiness. In truth indulging in such negativity is giving something outside our self power over our happiness. Happiness is a choice. It can not be postpone but rather it resides in the now. It does not come from being rich nor being successful. Instead it’s being content with what we do have. In turn, our mind is at peace where true happiness reside. Thus our thinking, words and actions become merge into harmony. I love the fact that happiness never decreases by being shared nor can it be owned or learned. It is a spiritual experience of living every minute with love, creativity, kindness and thankfulness. Our family and friendships are lovely additions to our happiness. I found with M that happiness often happen in the most simplest of things. Today, M and I blew bubbles outside. M laughed as the bubbles cascaded around him. I honestly felt happy seeing his face lit up each time I blew bubbles. Later, M wanted a turn to blow. Interestingly instead of blowing the bubbles, he got such a kick out of pouring the bubble mixture onto the porch. He proceeded to jump in the puddles of bubbles. His laughter rang into the autumn air. M has taught me that moments of happiness we enjoy can take us by surprise…it capture us in the feeling of awe…happiness comes in bubbles!


Simple an autism mom learning




3 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. There is something so beautiful about seeing a young one with autism light up. Their happiness is so pure and innocent. It’s contagious!
    Read your blog description and we have another thing in common. I am also in early childhood education. I teach preschoolers with autism.

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