Our personality is like glitter that illuminate speckles of light upon us which can be observed even in darkness. We are all born with a unique DNA blueprint, which graphs basic characteristics of our personality. Our own life experiences help mold our final personality outcome. This is the basis of our uniqueness as a human. There is an amazing power of getting to know our inner self. Once you have an understanding of your personality and capabilities everything seem to flow beautifully. Interestingly, being confident is important to not being afraid to be different in style and personality. I have discovered if you are happy with yourself, then no one can take away your unique inner beauty. Noteworthy, this does not mean arrogance. Instead positive feelings come from being honest about ourselves. Hence, our personality can be uplifting or a blessing to others.  Autism being a part of an individual complex personality manifest beauty, love, confidence, understanding and moments of happiness with a touch of genius. Those personalities change from day-to-day. They range from anxious days to happy days or overly stimulating days to peaceful days. Noteworthy, sometimes M personality can change within minutes depending on situation. It’s unpredictable. As parents of autism children you learn to be adaptive. M’s explosion of language is reflecting now in his personality. Last night M was in a silly/happy mood. He started singing and dancing while watching a children video. I decided to join in the singing. However, M stopped singing and looked at me. His personality changed quickly. He said “No thanks”. At first, I was confused. So I started back singing and trying to dance with M. This time M put his hand on my arm and repeated “No thanks” and added “bye-bye”. It done on me M wanted this time to himself…yes I was not invited to join in his moment. After I left M alone, he started back singing and dancing. In that moment M taught me his unique personality is shinning and he is learning how to use it….I am learning M personality is never boring…because later on he wanted me join in signing a bed time song.

Simply an autism mom learning



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