To effectively communicate, we must realized that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others-Tony Robbins. Communication is a skill we learn. It can be digital that give us surface insight or face to face that give us depth insight of another individual. We’re constantly readjusting our communication skills according to each human connection we encounter. Honestly, this take our willingness to work at effective and honest communication. Hence, I am learning the importance to really understand nearly 80% of communication is about listening and observing non-verbal cues. The inspired writings is faithful and true “everyone must be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger” (James 1:19). I found keeping this truth about communication helpful in establishing mutual respect and peace in my various human relationships. Interestingly, our emotions can often complicate our communication with family or friends. This can lead to miscommunication causing us problems. I find comfort in prayer when miscommunication happens within my relationship with a family member or friend. In truth, prayer is the most deepest intimate communication we all have with our Creator. It helps me to remember to look for the good in a person even when it’s hard re-opening loving communication of appreciation and understanding. Autism does affect each individually communication skills differently. M is progressing in his communication skills. He is gaining words along with sign language to communicate basic needs or wants. I think it’s a beautiful thing when a parent can communicate with their child. M and I have a unique communication style. Everyday I ask M how was his day at school. M sometimes just hum, smile or now say ‘patience’. Yes, M does not respond like perhaps a typical child. However, I find happiness/joy in the fact he is communicating with me. As every parent with a child experiencing a different ability that affect their child communication skills, I get excited and proud of my M chipping away at obstacles his autism bring forth. I am so bless and thankful for M having good therapists/teachers to help with his communication skills. M is teaching me to continue to have patience, faith and hope that one day my M would no longer have a barrier that hinder him from fully communicating…a beautiful gift of expressing heartfelt thoughts and emotions!

Simply an autism mom learning


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