Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time…Jim Rohn. Our time is a very precious commodity. It can never be stored or saved. Yet everyday we live and breathe, we give away our precious time. I think that is why we need to prioritize our time each day. Hopefully, our priceless time everyday encompass a spiritual connection with our Creator. After all, that is our bless obligation as human beings. I have learned this time spent connecting and meditating help recharge my often emotional exhausted soul. I gain inner peace and strength which help me to be patient with M. Honestly everyday we’re gifted, we should choose to focus our time and energy around individuals who inspire/support us in becoming our best. We’re all granted twenty-four hours a day to always do what is right not just for ourselves but towards our fellow mankind. If we slow down or not rush or expect everything be done in an instant, we will notice the blessings of patience and time. The simple things like spending quality time with family/friends or investing time in a meaningful goal will bring us happiness. Truthfully, I enjoy taking time to watch creation at work such as humming birds while sipping hot tea on our patio. Of course, I can’t forget about time with M blowing bubbles outdoors! Yes, taking time to make another beautiful human being feel important in our life is awesome. Time does change everything. It seem like yesterday, I was bringing M home from the hospital. This past weekend M lost his first baby tooth. He actually did not get overly hysterical about it. Instead, M used his calming words ‘OK & PATIENCE’. I was proud of M letting us wipe the blood away and collect the loose tooth out his mouth. Our M is progressing. M is teaching me these truths…we’re at our best and happiest when we take time everyday to connect with our Creator making our life more purposeful and wonderful…always treasure our time with family and friends…oh how time flies while creating memories with M!

Simply an autism mom learning


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