The word explosion has a two-fold meaning. It undertake the tone of violent or destructive shattering of something. On the other hand, this word can denote a rapid or sudden increase in amount/extent of something. In the case of language, it starts as a spew that leads to a kind of explosion. The development of language is part of the growth of personality, character and reflection of ourselves. Hence, words are the natural means of expressing thoughts, ideas or establishing understanding between people. There are many children like M that started with no language. However, with early intervention along with speech therapy many autistic children can overtime develop language on a large-scale. In this month alone M has developed an explosion of language. In fact M has started using two-word sentences on some occasions versus one word. One day I was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen when M came in and stated “oom com.” In honesty, I at first did not understand what M was saying. However, M was persistent in repeating “oom com.” Finally, M grabbed my hand and lead me to the den. It done on me M was saying “room come” aka ‘come to the room.’ M proceed not only point to the television but stated “t.v. pleaseeeeee.”  Not only that M shocked me by saying “I wa” aka ‘I want’ to express exactly what program to watch. M explosion of language is a special kind of beauty that has taught me there is no limit to M’s learning, which means there is no limit to M’s world.

Simply an autism mom learning


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