It’s a relief to many to hear the rain. It’s the sound of billions of drops equally coming together to fall like a sudden outbreak of crashing glass. Water when it hit the earth instantly can become a puddle, fast-moving stream or a raging flood. Yes, even waterfalls or the outer ocean crashing on land are beautiful elemental sounds able to transport us on a relaxing journey. However, many children like M struggle with perceive sound made by someone of something. True auditory relate to the sense of hearing and hearing the faculty of perceiving sounds, M have difficulties with both side. M suffered countless ear infections which in turn affect the auditory range. However, once M had ear tube placement acute hearing became an issue. We took M to a local car hop eatery. All of a sudden M got extremely agitated and placed fingers in ears. We immediately checked M  for possible irritation or worse a bug bite/sting. Nothing was found, yet M was screaming/crying all the while maintaining fingers in the ears. Then all of a sudden we heard a loud blasting sound. A train was coming. For some the sound of a train can be romantic or nostalgic but for M it was a audio-sensory nightmare. In fact, M apparently heard the train well before we actually seen or heard the loud blast. We never did get to order and till this day M still become agitated when passing near this particular eatery. M taught me that everywhere you go there’s a soundtrack even if you can barely hear it and that our memory store those soundtracks  whether positive or negative.

Simply an autism mom learning


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