We come to understand that the essence of all matter may consist of color, density, design, grain, and so forth. Hence, each matter set by their composition combined into intricate molecules assemble of another matter wonderfully bring forth textures. For many children on the autism spectrum, texture(s) go far beyond the feel of something. It can encompass their visual perception. In fact, the broad term of texture(s) highlight appearance or consistency of a matter/substance. Therefore, many children like M often mentally record, categorize and process the texture(s) of a substance/item not for pristine quality/perfection but rather sensation it has on their senses. One day I prepared some mashed potatoes for M. I put forth labor in peeling, boiling and mashing real potatoes. I even added all the trimmings to make the potatoes awesome. Yes, I thought my mashed potatoes looked appealing. M came to the dinner table. M did an examination of the plate and pushed it away. I did all the motherly techniques to get M to eat the potatoes. M turned into a ninja, hand/arms moving fast blocking every attempt I tried to get my awesome potatoes in mouth. After a few minutes, I had to step back from the situation. I needed to understand  M reason for dramatic response to eating my potatoes. After all, M loves mashed potatoes. Then it hit me, M processing of my mashed potatoes texture aka appearance was not connecting with senses. The bits of bacon, cheese, chives and few potato peel were perhaps too much. Looking back M only ate smooth plain mashed potatoes. I removed M plate and replaced it with the usual. Now M was smiling and humming eating simple mashed potatoes. M taught me food taste better when eaten in peace and that texture(s) go beyond touch too visual carrying very real emotions/reactions.

Simply an autism mom learning



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