The truth is, we all face hardships of some kind, and you never know the struggles a person is going through. Behind every smile, there is a story of a personal struggle-Adrienne C. Moore.  The truth we don’t know what each day will bring, we can only have faith and hope that we make each day count. As a parent of a child with autism, truth is speaking and living each moment dispelling any false pretenses. Autism does not erase typical traits of being a child. In truth, it compounds or add additional layers of issues that make our parenting more changeling. One moment you can be rocking and rolling, but the next you’re standing in the hallway with your five-year old screaming with poop all over them because he/she was suddenly hit with diarrhea (unable to tell you ‘hey my stomach hurt need to go to bathroom’). Truth is M loves to be silly and have fun like every child. What child has not enjoyed jumping up/down in their bed! Yes, it’s true I still hold M accountable for things such as putting his toys away or unacceptable behavior like being disrespectful (sometimes if M does not want to do what I say he may hit his leg/meaning he do not want to do it). Truth is each parent with a child rocking autism knows when their child uniqueness comes into play. Yesterday, I took M to the doctor. M inability to fully communicate and understand led to his action automatically going into flight or fight mode. It’s true he fought me while we’re trying to help him get better. True it took about four of them to hold him for the exam, I really appreciated the nurse talking calmly to M and reassuring him it’s going to be o.k. After the exam, M said “MOM”. He leaned into my arms and allowed me to comfort him. I said “I love you”. Honest to goodness it takes a lot of patience to see pass his actions so as to remain calm during the difficult times. Truly not everyone can relate/connect with our autistic child uniqueness. I do understand this truth because honestly it’s not always easy for me that is why I pray all the time for help. Truth is having courage to ask for help and hoping I am doing right by M. It maybe shocking but truthful, I think our stress doesn’t come from being parents of a different ability child. Perhaps, it come more from our thinking about what is happening or issue at hand. M is teaching me that truth is a point of view…if you see us with our amazing child whether in our struggles or happiness have heart and understanding.

Simply an autism mom learning


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