Life moves fast, and if we enjoy every moment of everyday, then we will find happiness no matter what happens or what changes along the way…Gretchen Bleiler. Our life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Often times major life changes do not give us advance warning such as a serious illness, sudden job lost or death of a love one. Honestly, none of us are immune to life changes. Our approach to life changes whether for the better or maybe not so good can impact our over all experience with change. Truthfully, our heart may still grieve over a major life change ( especially death of a love one) despite the passage of time. However, focusing on positive thinking hopefully will help us take one day at a time along with seeing others around us with a more empathy, kinder and understanding heart. Especially, if our identity is founded in our Creator who is always there for us. Honestly I find comfort in knowing with constant changes in my life, I can still rest my hope and faith in our never-changing loving Creator. That should give all of us going through so many changes in life a comforting feeling, like a loving parent. This week has seen changes in my life with M. My M started a new school this week that better serve different ability children. In my heart the change was difficult for me to absorb at first. I did cry. As a mom, I want M to have the best opportunities to thrive as a beautiful human being. Each day this week M seem to enjoy going to his new classroom with less anxiety. In fact when I pick him up from school M seem to be happy…humming away in his car seat. He wakes up saying “Schoo…Schoo…Mornin…Mornin!”  Then I say  “Yes M, you have school today. Yes, say good morning to everyone.” The change seems to have a positive influence on M so far. M has taught me these truths…watching him change in his speech, look, attitude, personality as he go from being my baby to my child is full of emotional turns and twists…having faith can help make life changes positively beautiful!

Simply an autism mom learning



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