It’s an official back to school season is here. As a parent of an autistic child, the first few weeks of school can be difficult. Yes, M did not care about getting new clothes or even rocking a new backpack with matching lunch box. Even before the first day of school came, I took M on a tour of new school courtesy of the principle. This was nice because M did not encounter the very busy meet and greet day which can be very overwhelming. The principle spoke kindly to M and took time to show every aspect of the building that would become apart of M daily world. On the last part of the tour the principle took M into the huge gym/gathering space. As M walked around the space you could hear a softly humming sounds. The sounds echoed off the walls. The principle realized that M was humming the tune to Twinkle little Star. Hence as if on cue, the principle walked over to the corner of the large room. Then the principle quietly sat down to a piano softly begin to play to Ms’ humming tune. I was amazed M was not startled. Instead M casually walk over to where the principle sat and begin back/forth motions. Before long Ms’ little hands were gliding across the ivory keys with the principle. I realized M had welcomed the principle into his world. That moment taught me that sometimes we take for granted small acts of kindness. However, such small acts of kindness for children like M can make an upside down world beautifully upright!

Simply an autism mom learning


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