Like sunshine, music is a powerful force that can instantly & almost chemically change your entire mood…Michael Franti. Perhaps as far back in our human history, the need to make music has been a dominant aspect of human biology. Music has healing powers. It can help us deal with pent-up frustrations, release sadness, refuge to a weary mind, motivational, and refreshment to our soul. I love the fact music can transport you away from whatever into a moment of melody, harmony, & rhythm creating a feeling of hypnotic peace. In truth music comes in all genres from classical to country along with everything in between. We can’t help but find a song that will wake us up, energize us or calm us down. Music gives us memories. All us have a song or songs that brings forth thoughts full of emotions. For me every time I hear the classic songs like ‘RESPECT’ or ‘STOP In The Name of Love’ or ‘My Girl’,  it takes me back to my momma kitchen. My siblings & I singing together. Although music is often written from one perspective or one objective in mind, it is so universal yet personal. Many people can take a song and feel or see it differently. Music can knock down barriers and open connection to our hearts. This past summer I remember being at a spiritual convention a song was played. I never met the couple next to me before but when that song ‘Preaching to All Sorts of People’ was played we all held hands with M and sung our hearts out. The rhythm of words and melody of musical instruments had even M calm. Yes, music give us great joy deep in our soul. It can can change our mood or day. Music is helping M learn so many things, especially some things he has difficulty expressing. Everyday M loves his Caleb & Sophia series becoming God’s Friend. They play beautiful up building songs for children. M was once non-verbal but of course explosion of language now. Some random and some becoming more purposeful. I love to hear M sing. However, I notice when someone is watching M does not sing. So I have to become a ninja to hear his sweet voice singing spiritual songs along with his program. M is teaching me marching to a different beat or a different drummer is still sweet music…helping him achieve what’s important with music priceless…rocking autism!

Simply an autism mom learning


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