Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children…Charles R. Swindoll. I have spent years in the field of early childhood education as a teacher. I spent countless hours helping young children believe in themselves and teaching them possibilities are endless with hard work. I was ecstatic and shock when at forty knocking, I was finally going to be a parent. I was going into it thinking I knew all the answers. After all, I have been around children my whole career. I have admiringly witness friends and family seemingly rocking parenting effortlessly. So imagine my discovery that I did not have the answers and was clueless to how much work parenting really entails. I remembered calling my mom at two a.m crying hysterically. I explained M would not sleep and I had not slept in three days. I could not get M to stop crying.  I honestly felt like I was losing my mind trying to be a parent to M. My mom bless her heart was so calm in the mist of my parenting melt down. Now looking back, I realize my mom parenting skills has influence my parenting of M. Although there are countless books on various parenting styles, I think in the end we often take cues from our parents on how to be a parent. In truth I finally understood the depth of my parents love when I became a parent. As parents we all have unique abilities and talents that help us navigate parenting our children. Parenting is a life changer. I have a different perspective of everything especially with M rocking the autism spectrum. In my heart I believe the end goal of parenting is to raise a child to be respectful, responsible, spiritual, and kind. Plus, help our child to develop a positive self-esteem. In honesty I found there is no perfect parents. In fact, we’re all trying our best to be what our child need according to their own particulars or nature. The uncertainty of parenting can create within us frustration. Although parenting skills is a personal subject, I find it refreshing when other parents are unafraid to admit not always getting it quite right. Yet each day like me,  they keep trying to do their best at parenting.  M is teaching me these truths…parenting is my most boldest & daring  adventure…my parenting skills is constantly readjusting according to M development level…above all I love being Ms’ parent!

Simply an autism mom learning

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