“Encouragement helps you to go one step more, become better”-Hubert de Givenchy. Words are a powerful force available to humanity. We have a choice to use such power to be constructive or destructive. In my heart I would love to believe everyone uses their words to help or heal their fellow mankind…especially ones who are downhearted. Encouragement is a stimulus that help us feel an integral part of something or someone. Yes, encouragement inspire us to become more. True, we’re all unique or different in our abilities & circumstances. However, every last one of us need encouragement. I love the fact that we can demonstrate encouragement by means of a listening ear, honest heartfelt words, a hug, a smile or giving of our time. I personally cherish Ms’ way of encouraging me. He sometimes come sat by me and without a word place his hands in mine. In those moments Ms’ humming become a sweet lullaby of encouragement. In honesty just like love & kindness, encouragement is infinite. We can get a fresh dose of it everyday…no need to hoard. In fact, when we encourage others we become encourage as well…a beautiful process. The feeling we made a difference in someone life is priceless. We should not underestimate the value family encouragement because it brings out the best in us. Interestingly, we should take a personal interest in what others are doing or thinking because it often produces a much more powerful form of encouragement. Sometimes we may think our words or action is small but for that individual we took the time to encourage it could mean the world. I personally appreciate the encouragement from others on the autism journey and kindness of supporters. They help me remember to rely on my Creator for strength and courage. Ms’ unpredictable autism journey is teaching me with love and encouragement…we can do more & move forward with confidence.

Simply an autism mom learning


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