Above all the things that you guard, safeguard your heart, for out of it are the sources of life..Proverbs 4:23.


Our heart is the foundation for the development of divine virtues such as faith, love, patience, kindness, & thankfulness. Thus, our thinking is forever link to our heart. Hence, what is in our heart is manifest in our ideas, goals, dreams, desires & hopes leading to action. Sadly, our hearts can have hidden dark sides that produce within us pride, envy, hate, anger, resentment or prejudice. In honesty, that makes our imperfect human heart never simple. We can despise our fellow-man in one breath & the next breath have a change of heart to see them in the reflection of our Creator image. In truth, our inner heart is not mechanical nor predictable. Yes, our heart can be seduced or influence by popular opinions. That is why it is a struggle to maintain a virtues heart conquering depravity.  Interestingly, our heart can be fragile. We can be full of empathy seeing or understanding we’re all more alike than we’re unalike. On the other hand, our heart can ache over injustices or unfairness we witness. In general, I love to think everyone’s heart yearns for the beauty of life. We in our hearts want to have a chance to fulfill our hopes & dreams. The same holds true to being parents. We want our children to cultivate a virtues heart and have possibilities. Our children see us. Our heartfelt actions speak more to their hearts than any words. My mom was a beautiful blessed example for me to see an imperfect human being having heart. She demonstrated a kind & loving heart even when someone was unkind to her. Before she passed, I asked my mom how she was abled to maintain such a big heart when often times people made her cry by their actions or unkind words. She said “Tammy, you must see pass them & see Jehovah, God…no matter what you show love and kindness….keep that in your heart & Jehovah, God will take care of everything else.” Her words still hold true today, I want to instill in M a virtues heart. Despite the struggles M is having at school, M makes it a habit to say ‘Bye, Bye’ to everyone he sees in the school regardless if they understand or accept his uniquess. M is teaching me having  HEART is divine!

Simply an autism mom learning






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