Children have such vibrant minds. They need to play. They need to be creative. They need to imagine. It’s so important for their sense of self-discovery. And it helps them learn problem-solving…Jan Brett.  We’re always learning. In truth, life is not always easy. However, we are gifted with the ability to learn from our experiences. It’s that ability that impact our problem-solving skills. Perhaps for every problem we encounter a seed is planted. How we respond to a problem will either nourish the seed to growth or cause it to be stigment. For example, M has been working on drinking from an adaptive cup that controls the flow of liquid. Yesterday, M was drinking from such cup. However, all of a sudden he accidently dropped the cup. Milk spilled onto the floor. Usually when something like this happen, M have frustration meltdown. Hence, I would try calming him down by reassuring that it’s o.k accidents happen, lets clean it up together. However, M surprised me yesterday. He did not have a meltdown. Instead, he said “OOOH NO! Towel, please.” I responded “Yes M, let’s get the towel to clean up.” I gave M the towel. He placed it over the spilled milk. In a classic momma move, he proceeded to use his foot to move the towel around for clean up. Afterwards, he handed the towel back to me and said “All done.” M connected previous experiences to problem-solve. M is teaching me…we can gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience…thus enabling us to be better at problem-solving. No more crying over spilled milk!

Simply an autism mom learning

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