Complete (Revisited)

Having M showed me a whole different kind of love that I have never known. It is a beautiful blessing in my complete understanding of love. Parenthood has so many aspect to it that I am constantly learning to see things from M unique perspective. This morning as we were leaving the house, M did something out of the ordinary. He yelled “HELP!” He said the word so clear that it certainly got my attention. M was was trying to reopen the front door after it was already closed and locked. I was puzzled. This morning we did our usually routine before leaving the house, I made sure M had his favorite sensory strings and fully charged Leapfrog tablet. However, M was persistent at saying “HELP” and trying to open the door. At this point in my parenting of M, I am learning to stop whatever I am doing or trying to do. I take a deep breath while silently praying for help to figure out what is going on in M beautiful mind. Yes, we unlocked the door to let M back into the house. M rushed into the living room. He was looking for something. I found it odd because he was holding two of his sensory strings plus tablet. Surprisingly, M picked up one of his drum sticks. He turned to me and smiled. So I asked ” You ready to go now?” M responded “Go bye bye!” So out the door again we went. M was complete now. This experience had me pondering over the need to feel complete. Often times in life there can be frustration when we don’t feel complete. These few days M has needed a little more time in deciding what he need to fill complete upon leaving the house in the morning. Yesterday, M needed two plastic drinking straws in addition to sensory strings and Leapfrog. Today, it was his toy car keys and a sock plus the usual items. Perhaps this is M way of adjusting to changes in his routine of not going to his usual school since it’s summer break. Maybe the extra items fill a void, thus helping him feel a sense of completeness. Upon reflection I think all of us want to feel complete in our everyday life. The feeling of being complete is base on each individual unique perspective or thinking.  I discovered having a relationship with my Creator helps me feel complete. However, for some it could be having children, career, family, close friends or even doing meaningful community/social work to better our world. Sometimes, it can be simple as finding the perfect pair of shoes/earrings to complete our look for the day. Overall, the feeling of being complete give us a sense of accomplishment or beauty. I am happy M is learning what will help him feel complete. M is teaching me feeling complete is a process worth discovering! 

Simply an autism mom learning