The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his/her future by merely changing their attitude…Oprah Winfrey. Our life is a journey of amazing discovery. There will be moments when we’re standing on a mountaintop feeling like king/queen of the world but there are those moments we tumble-down into deep valley of disparity. In the mist of our life discovery we may uncover new truths about our inner nature. Perhaps in our moment of conquest we discover our ability to be bold or in our moment of defeat we discover humility. In truth in the mist of a mistake we can make a discovery. Maybe you realize sometimes it’s better to take time to see things from another person perspective instead of assuming misconceptions or assumptions. Hence, in the future help you to avoid unnecessary conflict or stress. The beauty of discovery is that it does not have to be finding something new but rather we start to understand or comprehend what we see differently then what others previously have seen. Thus, discovery is about our thinking and attitude. If our heart and mind is open, we will discover beauty in every human being regardless of their different ability. I think a part of love is the discovery of ourselves in others. The discovery of what we’re or cable of becoming is an amazing process in which we hope encompass love, kindness, happiness and peace. In fact our discovery of our self should help us to see we do not have to fit the mold of what people think we should become. Rather we should take ques from our Creator. Hence, in doing so we save ourselves a lot of headaches/heartaches. This discovery is golden. One of my most amazing discovery was becoming a mom. Children have a natural sense of wonder, we as adults sometimes lose our sense of wonder. Sometimes we become so accustomed to standard norms, we lose focus on a child’s beautiful joy of discovery especially with children on the autism spectrum. M is constantly discovering his abilities with wonderful support from his autism community. Last night M discovered a peek-a-boo story book. He repeated the words and laughed each time the flap was pulled to reveal an animal. His favorite one was the frog. He kept saying “GAIN, GAIN!” aka again.┬áM is teaching me these truths… that discovery is an innate part of being human, it’s OK to be a work in progress as long as we keep trying to figure it out, and that our thinking or outlook influence our discovery in life!

Simply an autism mom learning