Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving…forward…Albert Einstein. Every decision we make comes with balance or sacrifice. I think we all strive to find a happy balance in our quality of life. I have days as an autism parent feeling overwhelm trying to balance everything. Sometimes even doubting myself or feeling I am at a standstill or worse drowning. Then there are those days I feel like superwoman conquering everything. Maybe every autism or special need parent(s) has days like this too. It’s OK.  Truth, my faith help with inner strength & holding onto a sense of balance in my perspective about life. Perhaps as humans, we all struggle to balance our confidence with our insecurities. I am personally working on balancing social outings with M. I think it’s a balance of fear and overcoming it one experience at a time. For example, it is a balancing act of juggling M’s uniqueness & shopping for groceries. I have to take into consideration time of day and potential surprises not to mentioned M’s disposition at that time. Yes, experiences has taught me without the right balance shopping quickly turns into a full-blown meltdown (fear, anxiety, stress, confusion, sensory overload) by M. There has been times I have left a buggy full of groceries because it was just too much, we needed to leave the store.  Honestly, it’s another story experience about balancing dining out with M. However in our shopping experience, I discovered Caroline grocery shopping cart. It has help M have a much better shopping experience & I am able to shop for at least 30 minutes! The sad news is that these special buggies are only found in select stores such as Wal-Mart, Target & Publix. These stores generally only carry one Caroline grocery shopping cart. So if there is more than one special need parent in the store, it becomes a balance of patience. M is teaching me we all struggle to find our own balance in life but there is beauty & peace in balance.

Simply an autism mom learning




2 thoughts on “Balance

    1. It is an on going thing to keep things balance, because it is not always easy. Amazing the way good parents practice that each day.


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