To wake up to the sound of my son saying ‘Mama, Mama’! It’s the best sound ever…Miranda Kerr. This sentiment, I am sure can be echoed by every parent around the world. I know it sounds so simple, but if you’re a parent of a  child that is rocking autism who is non-verbal or struggling to communicate those words mean the world. True, there are so many beautiful sounds of nature such as rain drops on a tin roof or waves crashing onto land or sweet love birds serenading. I don’t think it can compare to a child’s expression of love. I am honestly enjoying listening to the sweet sound of M. In truth, I am not talking about the crying or screaming during his difficult meltdowns. There is another side of M that many people rarely see. M has a sweet side. Today after school on the ride home, M kept repeating ‘love you’. Yes no matter how many times he says it, it’s still a beautiful sound to me.  I even enjoy the sound of M humming. He has a rhythm/hypnotic sound. I do notice it bothers some people when we’re out that perhaps not familiar with stemming/autism. However, I am happy if M is happy being himself. He is unique and I love him. In my heart I want to give M the awesome sound of self-love. I know this takes patience, love, faith and understanding not to mention my two cups of coffee with hazelnut cream. Everyday I am blessed to be with M, I want him to never give up trying to play the sound of his drums of good manners/values in harmony with our Creator. M is forever teaching me a child laughter and expression of love is the sweetest sound!

Simply an autism mom learning



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