The first ingredient in conversation is truth, the next good sense, the third good humor, and the fourth wit….William Temple.  It’s a blessing to be surrounded with people having nice conversations.  In a world full of so much; it’s refreshing to have conversations that inspire, support, enhance our spiritual well being and growth to our soul.  Yes, we live in the age of technology.  There is still beauty in old fashion face to face conversations.  You can see an individual body language while they’re expression themselves.   It’s amazing how a conversation whether short or in depth offer a gateway into diversity of thoughts.  Every conversation we encounter requires more than just expression ourselves, we have to actually work at actively listening to what someone else is expression.  Honestly, I am constantly working at this part of conversation.  My mom used to say “People don’t care what you know but rather how much you care.”  Maybe that is part of happiness in love and life, real two way conversations.  It’s being present in a conversation and really thinking/understanding about what someone is saying before responding.  After all our conversations are mini invitations into our thoughts, maybe even our hearts.  I remember so many conversations with my mom.  I had the privilege of  having several conversations with her pretty much every day of my life until her last breath on earth.  She used to tell me “Tammy the best conversations you can have is with Jehovah, God.  Our Creator see you and wants you to talk to him whatever is in your heart.  Never forget to listen him too Tammy, because He loves you.  So pray my dear about everything.”  I still cherish those conversations with my mom.  It’s a blessing for a parent and child to have open conversations even into adulthood.  I am learning teaching M the art of conversation takes time, patience and encouragement.  Sometimes our conversations are very simple like M saying “room, please” or “want cookie, please”.  We’re progressing in our conversations about basic needs or wants.  However, this week in therapy M brought me to tears.   After his therapy session, M came into the waiting room and said “Hey, Mom!”  He looked pass everyone and made eye contact with me.  M being able to have conversations with me is priceless.  My heart is holding onto faith that M one day will be full of heartfelt conversation expressions, until then I am understanding silence too can be golden part of a conversation with M; simply just my presence in the mist of M needing comfort/understanding can speak volume.

Simply an autism mom engaging in conversation



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  1. Just think of the time soon Tammy when M will no longer have to struggle. He will be perfect in all senses. However, for now he is our perfect little

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