We have all known the pang of loneliness, many have found the solution to such plight in a community. The need for connection and community is fundamental as our need for air, water, and food. A community is not necessarily about location. Rather, it is the feeling of connection or sense of belonging or mere acceptance/fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. The greatness of being part of a community is measured by the compassionate actions if its’ members. In fact empathy is the starting point for creating a community. It is important to note communication helps members of a community understand and mutually value one another. We as autism parents have our own cultural, our own community which many people are unaware. In our unique community we emphasis that autistic children/adults are not  very unfortunate or very disabled. In truth it does take collaboration across a community to help such love ones develop better skills for better lives. Hence, M is a reflection of his community. His achievements are built upon a community of caring people working together. Today as we were driving home from therapy, it started to rain. M had a long day of school and therapy. I could see M was exhausted. As he gazed out the car window, the rain came down harder. M placed his hand on the window and said “rain”. This was an accomplishment for M, he would generally refer to this as just water. I smiled at M and said yes “rain.” Afterward, he closed his eyes to the sound of autumn rain. In that moment M taught me that his community consist of amazing early intervention, early childhood teachers, therapists, medical professionals, lawyers, family and friends…they all come together assisting M in empowerment to chase his dreams.

Simply an autism mom learning


2 thoughts on “Community

  1. I love how you talked about how autism parents are part of a community. I very much feel there is a community out there of other parents who totally get it and whether I know them personally or just through social media, I feel connected in some sort of way.

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