Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase…Martin Luther King Jr.  Faith is an intimate connection we have with our Creator, believing He actually exist and has personal interest in our well-being. Faith can not be inherited nor can it be bought but rather it’s a virtue that we develop over time base on our own unique life experiences that manifest us to believe.  Our faith requires us to face the unknown while trusting our Creator to know what is best and will give us strength. Prayer is our channel of communication with our Creator. A beautiful gift that we should hold dear. Our faith is the illuminating light in the deepest darkest moments of our life.  Thus, faith can shatter the most mountainous of obstacles.  In truth, just as we put faith in our Creator in turn He put faith in us to seek kindness and goodness in others. Of course, to have faith doesn’t mean we will not get frustrated at times. In honesty its having the right attitude that no matter what happens the final outcome rest with our Creator. Hence, although on paper M may not appear to be typical. We have faith that M possibilities is unlimited and not completely define by autism. Our M is gifted with potential strength and ability to become amazing. Tonight M said “Payer, Payer” aka prayer. He bowed his head. Afterward, he said “men” aka amen.  M is teaching me that one of the most important thing I can share with him is having faith …believing beyond the power of our imperfect reason …to see all things are possible with our Creator.

Simply an autism mom learning



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