Nobody ever becomes an expert parent. But I think good parenting is about consistency. It’s about being there at big moments, but it’s also just consistency of decision making & it’s routine…Sebastian Cole. Many people may find it daunting to have a daily routine. They want something different everyday or to live on spontaneous impulses. True, that sounds like an amazing way to live life. However, I found there is a measure of comfort and peace in having a daily routine. As a parent of a child rocking the autism spectrum, I am learning that routine is an absolute must in having a less stressful day!  Yes, everyday M function better when things are predictable or set to a simple routine. If for some reason something changes in his routine frustration/anxiety builds creating different levels of meltdown. Like M running out of his favorite bed time snack applesauce, he eats every night.  At first M did not understand mommy forgot to pickup more applesauce at the store, so after about fifteen minutes of M repeating the word “sauce…sauce” and I kept saying “yogurt”. M finally repeated after me “yogurt”, he then proceeded to accept the yogurt as an substitute to the routine applesauce.  OK, I utilize reverse sociology but it worked and peace was restored. In general, most children can be amazingly adaptable to change. Of course, my M is an exception to the norm. Of course, I do my best to keep a simple routine for M but sometimes life throws a monkey wrench in my plans. On Thursday, M therapist whom he has connected with tried something new. She wanted M to adjust to seeing other wonderful therapist in the same office in the event she goes on vacation or ever out for some reason. Well with M changing a routine doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a little bit of time, patience, love, and understanding just easing into the change to make it work for M in becoming a part of his routine. Honestly, I was not surprised when M had a major meltdown. He could not process/understand why she was not seeing him so that meant exhibiting disruptive behavior. In the end, I left with M feeling the therapy session was an eye opener to the importance routine and how it impact his behavior. I know M need down time along with spiritual time to be part of his daily routine. M is teaching me that having a routine psychologically help our mind and body be at peace.

Simply an autism mom learning



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