There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle…Deepak Chopra.  The universal symbol for autism spectrum disorder is puzzle pieces.  I love to believe such puzzle pieces represent the beauty of an individual autism spectrum disorder complex brain.  There is a wide range of variables that make each individual with autism unique, maybe that is what make their possibilities limitless.  Perhaps, everyone of us are well crafted puzzle pieces by our Creator.  Hence, our unique experiences in life create shimmers of light and color onto our puzzle piece.  Regardless of our abilities, I am hopeful that each of our puzzle piece fit uniquely and memorable in someone else’s life.  True sometimes M puzzle piece fit nicely, other times his puzzle piece is awkward leading to frustration.   I enjoy seeing M face light up, like when he is around other children.  I can tell he wants to be engaging with them but often times his complex mind struggles.  Often, we try to have other children over to our home.  M get so excited.  He now on his own say “go room, go room…please!”  For a brief time M fit right in, he would be laughing and just being a kid.  Then there are those times he becomes overstimulated or overwhelmed.  In which case he no longer fit in, M need time and space to regulate his emotions.  I understand you can’t force puzzle pieces to fit together in odd ways, you have to consider each piece shape and work out how they will best fit without damaging each piece.  I want M to value/understand his puzzle piece.  To be honest, we all have puzzling ways we’re trying to figure out.  So it’s ok if we have moments of not fitting in, our odd/unique puzzle shape will find places in our vast world puzzle to click in place.  M is teaching me our puzzle piece may not always fit other puzzle pieces, nevertheless, we do have a place in our Creator’s beautiful universal puzzle.

Simply an autism mom thinking




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